Borderlands  Installation, 2021, Marco Melis

The project explores the hypothesis that no border (and no boundary and no limit) exists without a corresponding borderland, as minuscule as it might be. It does so by trying to display how borderlands are the natural homeland of many dialectic processes — also of artistic dialectic processes that can analogically and aesthetically (as opposed to directly and objectively, conceptually, and ultimately linguistically) exhibit fundamental aspects of our experience in general. 

In particular, they can (analogically and aesthetically) display an indeterminate idea of totality that is the pre-condition of every determinate experience. Playing with the interstitial borderlands of the determinate, which tend to slip into the indeterminate, art can make us sense the unfathomable totality of our experience; make us feel, that is, like homo sapiens individuals standing on the borderland-everything, with no rules to follow except for the hypotheses, plans and possibilities we create ourself. So profound a freedom we can only stand for a moment, before going back behind borders.


Marco im Gespräch über “Borderlands”